Utilizing Hypnotherapy for weight control with the virtual gastric band programme

Virtual Gastric BandThis unique programme has been designed to bring Permanent change for Healthy Weight Control. It incorporates a Virtual Gastric Band, whilst utilizing Hypnotherapy which forms a positive habit in a new direction. The results of trials that have been conducted in the UK, have had an amazing 96% success rate of one group of 25 volunteers, 24 of those individuals lost as a group (14 stone) 90 kilo’s within the first three weeks.



"I have undergone 4 sessions of The Virtual Gastric Band and I am incredibly happy with the results I have seen. I have lost 5 kilo’s and I am now a size 12.

Before starting this programme I was feeling flat and was struggling with confidence, now i feel a lot more confident in myself and also in my body.

I am looking forward to my new life that Delma has helped me create. I would highly recommend this programme to anybody who wants to lose 5 or 50 kilo’s."


About the programme

The weight control programme has been devised utilizing the concept of a Virtual Gastric Band that takes place over a four week period.

Four, one hour sessions using techniques that are designed to bring permanent change in a persons eating habits, and focusing on what they want to be, not on the person they don’t.

The reason this takes place over four weeks, is to form a positive habit for change. This is not a programme designed for short term weight control, it is for a person to make a positive choice of where they want to be, and to stay there.

It includes a Positive Reinforcement CD to listen to every day, which stengthens the new messages and aids that permanent change in behaviour.

Although not absolutely necessary, the client also receives a Future Goal CD at the end of the 4th week programme, prehaps more motivated towards exercise. We all know that if we eat less and exercise more, we will be healthier, fitter and slimmer.


"Being Hypnotised has helped me lose 26kg. With Delma's help and support, I felt very confident with what I've been doing and I've made a lifestyle change that is going to help me for the rest of my life"

I've done lots of yo-yo dieting and I've tried lots of different ways to lose weight, and this is the only one that's really helped me, and I feel fantastic.

Thank you very much Delma!"


Veronica Before and After Virtual Gastric Band

Pattsy - Shepparton

Pattsy Before and After Virtual Gastric Band




"I think that the Virtual Gastric Band was great for me because it changed the way i feel and think about food and exercise. Diets never work because your mind is always on what you are going to have for your next meal or how long it is to your next meal.

With the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy your focus changes. No more worrying about the food thing, eating less and being relaxed and happy about the weight loss and the fitness level comes naturally now. There is no obsession about it all, it is just easy."

Veronica Wise,