Reiki (pronounced "Ray-Key") is a Japanese word meaning universal life force. Reiki helps to restore and anchor the natural balance in the physical and subtle bodies. Reiki also assists in the early stages of opening the doorway to accessing the many levels of one's higher self.

 Reiki was rediscovered in the 1800's by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Minister and Theologian. He spent many years searching and studying religions and ancient writings in Japan, India, Tibet and China. In the quest to discover how great beings healed the sick, he went to Kuriyama, a holy mountain in Japan, to fast and meditate. At the end of 21 days, the complete system of Reiki was given to him in a mystical vision.

Before Dr Usui died, he passed on all the knowledge and power he had received to one of his disciples, Dr Chugio Hyashi who developed a clinic in Tokyo. Upon knowing the Second World War was imminent, rather than being called to serve his country, he instructed Hawaya Takatato receive the grand mastership before he left his body. He instructed Hawaya Takatato to teach Reiki and initiate Reiki Masters so that Reiki would never again be lost to humanity.